How to Style Your Light Grey Kitchen

Nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners are switching from traditional brown or white wood cabinetry for light grey kitchen cabinets. What's more, it is not an uncommon trend because greys offer the ideal balance of warmth compared to any coloured scheme. Plus it works perfectly in almost any size kitchen.

Also, for the individuals who think a grey kitchen lacks interest, you'll discover there are unlimited colours, tones and styles in the grey family.

If you want to add interest to your kitchen or bored by dull coloured shaker cabinets, it's time to think grey!

Here are ways to style a light grey kitchen

  • Add tiles

Presently, classic backsplashes are trendy. However, a standard subway tile paired with grey cabinetry is a much more appealing and perfect choice. The entire style and design will give your kitchen room more depth without looking dark.

  • Include a trace of blue

For lovers of brighter colours, grey paint with a touch of blue is an excellent way to make your kitchen pop, plus it won't go out of style in a couple of years. You can also add a light wood flooring to bring the entire design together.

  • Try grey pantry

If you don't want to change the colours of your cabinet, you can go for a standing pantry to embrace the light grey kitchen look without painting the entire cabinets. A dark or light grey would look beautiful in any kitchen.

  • Spice things up with backlash

There several shades of grey, making it a remarkably versatile colour. You can spice up your light grey kitchen with a dot-patterned backsplash for an amazing look. With grey, you'll find countless shades that work with almost any backsplash.

  • A shaker kitchen in light grey

A light grey shaker kitchen is so versatile. To make it more sophisticated, go for a gloss finish, metallic handles, grey cabinetry, and polished countertops to create a modern kitchen. Finish the look with cooking appliances and accessories.

  • Add visual interest with tinted grey cabinetry

Want a fun and timeless kitchen style? A lightly coloured grey cabinetry is a great way to add in a pop of style and interest, especially if you want a neutral palette.

  • Pair with dark floors

If you think dark floors with light grey kitchen units would look drab, think again! Pairing grey cabinetry with dark floors accentuates the colours in the grey cabinets and gives the entire space a gorgeous look.

  • Mix neutral colours

No doubt, neutral kitchens are trendy. Whether you choose to mix light grey, beige, and white, your kitchen look soft, calm, and inviting.

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